Wearable Tech: Code Cube for Young Aspiring Programmers

Wearable Tech: Code Cube for Young Aspiring Programmers

Wearable Tech: Code Cube for Young Aspiring Programmers

From smartwatches to VR headsets, wearable tech is everywhere. Some people use it to increase their productivity. Others use it for entertainment. And here at STEAMbright, we’ve used it to create one of the first wearable tech devices ever designed to help your kids learn: Code Cube.


girl wearing Code Cube


What is Code Cube?

Code Cube helps kids in grades 3-5 get to grips with simple coding by creating original artwork for STEAM education – no experience required! Simply plug it into a computer, open the easy-to-use Code Cube app, and start programming in seconds.

By programming the vibrant 64-pixel display using the drag-and-drop Blockly software, Code Cube allows kids to create images, animations, and patterns. It also has a built-in accelerometer and sound output that lets kids play sounds when the animations change. And once they’ve brought their imaginative designs to life, they can wear them on their wrist, as a keychain, or as any other wearable they can think of!


What can your kids do with Code Cube?

Code Cube comes with plenty of pre-programmed images to help your kids explore the basics of coding. But when they’re ready to step it up a notch, they can make up their own designs. Advanced learners can even program more complicated if-then statements and make the Code Cube react to movement.

Giving your kids control over their own artistic expression lets them program designs that reflect their personal interests. This builds a strong connection between coding and fun, encouraging them to learn and develop a skill that will be essential by the time they grow up. We’ve seen designs based on Pokémon, Minecraft, Fortnite, and more, as well as completely original works of art!

(And when your kids program designs they’re proud of, we’d love you to snap a picture and tag us on Instagram so we can see!)


Code Cube in the classroom


Code Cube activity ideas

Lots of kids use Code Cube as a super-fun toy without even realizing they’re learning to code. But if you’re ready to challenge your kids and help them become master coders, you can download our Code Cube At-Home Activities Guide.


Give your kids the gift of coding with Code Cube

Code Cube is an innovative, colorful, and highly engaging wearable tech device that teaches kids how to code and encourages them to embrace their creativity. It comes with just a few hardware components, and there’s no need to install software, so your kids can start coding within seconds. And just like all STEAMbright products, shipping is absolutely free!

Order your Code Cube now and help your kids learn valuable coding skills for their future – all while having hands-on, minds-on, hearts-on fun!