Code Cube™


✔︎ Blend art + coding
✔︎ No fear, quick start
✔︎ Few hardware components
✔︎ No software installation

Colorful code you can wear! Simply load up the software on your browser, plug in your device, and get to coding using the drag-and-drop Blockly interface. When you’re satisfied with your 8 x 8 design for the LED screen – could be your favorite animal, emoji, or patterns – have animated it to your heart’s content, and customized its sound output, watch as your creativity comes to life, either on your wrist, as a keychain, or any other wearable you can imagine! 

• Code Cube
• USB cable
• Slap band
• Access to the web-based Code Cube app

• Ages 9-11
• is compatible with Google Chrome.


Simple, beginner friendly code you can wear!