Pioneering Fingerprints & Structures Multipack


✔︎ Investigate prints
✔︎ Doodle on your ink blobs
✔︎ Fuzzy and fun polygons
✔︎ Explore structures around you
✔︎ Storytelling

Let’s get investigating AND building! This all-inclusive, hands-on multipack for littles has two kits: one all about plants and the other about shapes. In Pioneering Fingerprints, you’ll explore animal and human prints, create a doodle story, and more. In Pioneering Structures, you’ll use fuzzy shapes to get thinking about structures and then learn to build your own.

• Pioneering Fingerprints Kit
• Pioneering Structures Kit
• English + Spanish activity guides

• Ages 3-8
• Colors may vary.
• Not included: baby wipes or water, scissors, markers