iSprowt Herb Garden Kit


✔︎ GROW fresh basil using fast-expanding soil
✔︎ LEARN how plants drink water using a climbing water experiment
✔︎ DISSECT beans to discover a tiny plant inside
✔︎ GERMINATE beans without any soil
✔︎ SEE photosynthesis in action

Plant science shouldn't be complicated – and the iSprowt Herb Garden Kit is anything but! As your kids grow their own basil plant, they'll learn about the plant life cycle and how it affects nature and all life around them.

This kit also includes an engaging, 40-page adventure activity book to make the most out of your kid's learning experience. With interesting facts, stories, videos, mazes, search-a-words, hidden picture puzzles, and other activities, it captivates young minds and keeps them entertained during the process of learning.

• Biodegradable pot
• Basil seeds
• Soil disc
• Pinto beans
• Flow strips
• Resealable polybag
• Magnifying glass
• 8 plastic cups
• Disposable bowl
• Food coloring
• 40-page activity book filled with exciting and educational games, stories, and experiments

• Ages 5-11
• 10-minute prep
• Low mess and eco-friendly materials


iSprowt’s phenomena-based science kits were developed to nourish children’s lifelong passion for STEM.

Low mess and easy prep, these kits are kid tested AND teacher and parent approved! Ensure your young scientists achieve their highest potential in school and in life with iSprowt!