Ages 5-11

iSprowt Earth & Volcanoes Kit


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Slide, smash, and crash plate tectonics together to simulate how mountains, volcanoes, and new lands are formed using this iSprowt Earth and Volcanoes Kit! Then, erupt your volcano multiple times while discovering how volcanoes can not only be destructive but also help to create life on Earth!

This kit also includes an engaging, 40-page adventure activity book to make the most out of your kid’s learning experience. With interesting facts, stories, videos, mazes, search-a-words, hidden picture puzzles, and other activities, it captivates young minds and keeps them entertained during the process of learning.

• Volcano eruption kit: volcano base, red baking soda, white citric acid, scoop, syringe, tree stickers, mini cup, 8 oz cup, disposable plate
• Plate tectonics kit: 6 plate tectonic model pieces, Earth's mantle gel, disposable plate
• 6 clay colors to build model Earth
• 40-page activity book filled with exciting and educational games, stories, and experiments

• Ages 5-11
• 10-minute prep
• Low mess and eco-friendly materials



✔︎ ERUPT a volcano!
✔︎ UNRAVEL the mystery of how Earth's continents formed
✔︎ SMASH and CRASH plate tectonics to form earthquakes


Using this guide, your kiddos will:

  • Discover how volcanoes help the Earth
  • Use chemistry to create a volcanic eruption
  • Learn about the four spheres that make up Earth’s systems
  • Build a clay model of the Earth and its layers
  • Explore what happens when plate tectonics collide