Discovering Torsion Multipack


✔︎ Force + accuracy + precision
✔︎ Medieval and simple machines history
✔︎ Real-world engineering challenges
✔︎ Castle building and projectile blasting

Discover all there is to know about torsion with this all-inclusive, hands-on multipack. In Discovering Torsion Ballista, build a model ballista and then put it into action as you test different masses of objects and fire for accuracy. In Discovering Torsion Catapults, build and experiment with your own catapult and then modify its abilities and compete to see how many objects you can knock over. Plus, use the extension activity to make a castle to launch projectiles at using your completed builds!

• Discovering Torsion Ballista Kit
• Discovering Torsion Catapults Kit
• Create a Castle Extension Activity
• Activity guides

• Ages 12-18
• Not included: glue, small Phillips screwdriver, scissors, tape, tape measure, objects to launch fire at