Discovering Kites & Rockets Multipack


✔︎ Design and purpose of geometry
✔︎ History and uses of real and crazy kites!
✔︎ Launch rockets to space (OK, not quite)
✔︎ Add-on activities for trajectory of launching your rocket

Take learning to the sky! This all-inclusive, hands-on multipack has two kits: one all about geometric kites and the other about rocketry. In Discovering Kites, you'll create and improve upon a tetrahedron kite design. In Discovering Rockets, you'll assemble a Stomp Rocket Launcher and build a rocket to blast off. 

• Discovering Kites Kit
• Discovering Rockets Kit
• Discovering Rockets Extension Activity
• Activity guides

• Ages 9-14
• Colors may vary.
• Not included: tape measure, transparent tape, scissors, empty plastic container/bottle, pencil