Discovering Catapults & Trebuchets Multipack


✔︎ Force + accuracy + precision
✔︎ Medieval history
✔︎ Real-world engineering challenges
✔︎ Castle building and projectile blasting

Level up your medieval knowledge with this all-inclusive, hands-on multipack. In Discovering Catapults, build a model catapult and test out with different projectile masses and then play a game of Skee-Ball! In Discovering Rolling Trebuchets, build a model of a trebuchet  on wheels! Then, put it into action as you test different variables to create the best launch. Plus, use the extension activity to make a castle to launch projectiles at using your completed builds!

• Discovering Catapults Kit
• Discovering Rolling Trebuchets Kit
• Create a Castle Extension Activity
• Activity guides

• Ages 12-18
• Not included: white glue, sandpaper, tape measure, tape, scissors, needle-nose pliers, ruler, kitchen scale (optional)