Creating Coasters & Zip Lines Multipack


✔︎ Speed, twists, turns, and loops!!
✔︎ Simple energy thrills
✔︎ Follow the design and then make it your own
✔︎ Minimal materials

Let’s get moving! This all-inclusive, hands-on multipack for middle-level learners has two kits: experience the thrills of both roller coasters and zip lines. In Creating Roller Coasters, with help from kinetic and potential energy, construct a marble roller coaster with unlimited design possibilities! In Creating Zip Line Rockets, create your own balloon-powered zip line rocket and analyze its performance. 

• Creating Roller Coasters Kit
• Creating Zip Line Rockets Kit
• English + Spanish activity guide

• Ages 12-14
• Not included: ruler or tape measure, stopwatch, scissors, toy figure


Experience the twists and turns coasters!