Art Feeds Sparkling Journal


✔︎ SEL lessons
✔︎ Neon + holo art!
✔︎ All-in-one journal set

Draw, doodle, and stencil with neon gel pens on black paper to create one-of-a-kind journal pages that express who you are. Use the guided activity pages to get the creative juices flowing! Add glittering, holographic stickers too! 

Kids have big feelings that aren’t always easy to express. Art Feeds helps navigate those big feelings through fun, SEL-focused art lessons that make space for kids to create, express themselves, and flourish. 

• 8 neon gel pens
• Stencil
• Sheet of foil stickers
• Black drawing paper
• Paper pad with 5 guided activity pages
• Artist Technique Guide

• Ages 6+
• Size: 7.5" x 11.25" x 1.25"


Combine social emotional learning and art!
The neon ink on black paper makes your artwork POP, and foil stickers give your work that extra sparkle!
Create art using inspirational words and get expressive with the 5 guided projects!


These guided activities were developed in collaboration with Art Feeds. Their unique approach combines therapeutic art + art education.

This non-profit supplies art lessons, training, and art materails to kids in need, allowing kiids the world over to experience the life-affirming joy of artistic expression!